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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

the point that people don't get is that the more popular the site gets, the more trash we the dead in 89....they lost the privelidge to play some of the more sacred venues because of the lack of respect of the "party crowd" that really couldn't care less about the scene

we let this kind of trash ruin the GD scene and turn it into Deer Creek 95 when will it what point do we put the foot down and stop the disrespectful from destroying what a few good people worked so hard to create

this attitude is driving away the people this site was designed to attract in the first we allow the good ones to slip away because of the rights of those who have no respect

I just think some kind of enforcement is appropriate...maybe just .25 or .50, but something on record to show that there is a limit to the abuse...we require a high standard for our uploads to ensure the best possible torrents, so why not expect the same quality from the members that we expect from the torrents...just my .02, for whatever it's worth
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