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Re: Should we ban mindless leechers?

does this mean to ban them outright, or to ban downloading but still allow uploading to improve the ratio above the requirement??? I think an outright ban would screw some innocent people who might have fallen into a hard time, or the newb that's catching up on old torrents with no other leechers to share with...if we ban downloading but allow uploads they can remain as seeders, or reseed (or upload if they have something of their own...or from elswhere)

I believe in enforcing a ratio, but not necessarily kickin em out...that may be harsh...after all, we do have to sleep at night

besides, if they can't dl, they'll either leave of their own accord, or become helpful...either way, a dl ban would prevent the rape of bandwidth, which is really the point...I don't care about spanking the dumbass who doesn't care, I'm more interested in improving the quality of the community for those of us who give a shit...I'd vote for a dl ban, but otherwise, I think too many good folks might get turned off or shut out...any opinions guys
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