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Re: Is there an explicit ratio policy here?

Dudogger, why is it that you think we should not show share ratios here? Do you download from the other big torrent sites like DIME or Tapecity or Lossless Legs or ....., cuz all the major torrent sites that I know of will show your ratio. Actually, they do even more, they ban for ratios less than .25 (some for even less than .5). It really is not unusual to show ratios at these sites. If the showing of ratio issue bothers you, I do know that etree does not show them, so that may be a torrent site that you will want to check out.

If you go to a user's profile page, if a person has offered B&Ps or Vines, we list those, along with shows they have offered through torrents. Keeping a good ratio, B&Ping, Vining, offering up new shows here, those are all are different ways for a person to share what they have and help out the community.

You may want to consider that maybe you are downloading more than you really need to. I have an upload cap that is a bit less than twice what yours is. In fact, if a poll were to be taken, I would say the majority of users will fall between 28-52 for their upload rates. It's a pretty standard upload rate. I've suggested to other people that if their ratio is getting low, then they may want to find an download buddy. Find someone with similar tastes in music and each download only half the shows you normally do and then copy and send along the shows to each other every month (or two, whatever you agree on). That will halve the amount you download, but at the same time keep your upload the same and you will end up doubling your upload 'rate' per month.

Just another note.... if you look in Technobabble, you will see some posts about users who have gotten notices from their ISPs for downloading 'too much' (and that amount never seems to be clear). If you have downloaded 500 GB since January, then you may want to slow down a bit and also look up your terms of service. As I said, the ISPs don't seem to want to define what 'too much' is, but if I recall, it seems to be somewhere in the 60-80GB a month range which is less than what your rate is.
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