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Re: Organizing Torrents on The Traders' Den - Suggestion

I find sometimes useful to categorize torrents according music styles la DAD. For instance, I discovered a lot of good sheize just glancing those torrents tagged as "Avant Garde". Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to venture into those just looking at the band/artist name.
According some logic posted in this thread (re: just do a search on the band name), how on earth I'd a do a search on something I don't know? (This is a site to not learn about music, you say. Right, I accept that).

One of the main aspects I'm forever grateful on the couple torrent sites I'm into is to discover new music.

Could be an improved categorizing system than that of DAD. For example, let the poster to tag the band/artist into more than one category (no matter how accurate he is, that's impossible).
Categories would be there to be just a hint.

That's my 2 pesos.

EDIT: forgot to say I also find very useful the audio/video separation here.
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