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Re: Stabilizing Shaky Video

Honestly, there are ways to do it...I was at COMDEX in Vegas a couple years ago and there was a company there showing off their version of it. I also (cough, cough) saw a crack posted in a newsgroup for a program that did it....obviously I didn't get the crack, but I remember the name of the program caught my eye enough that I looked it up....problem is I can't remember the name of it now. Google doesn't really give good returns with an ambiguous search like this so I thought I'd ask here.
The way it was explained at the show was that you point out common "steady" items (they don't move) in a couple frames...and then the software "links" to those spots in each frame after. Of course if you move the camera to a different spot you have to point again...

Also, have any of you ever seen the Bigfoot footage that was shot back in the late 60's/early 70's? The one where the camera is shaking all over the place as Bigfoot walks away into the woods? I saw software like this used on the same footage....the result was the picture was about half the size (lots of shaking going on), but the image was ROCK steady. And once the image was steady you could pretty much see it was a guy walking normally in a big fuzzy suit...
Of course I'm showing my age here with the Bigfoot story...
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