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Re: Fixing SBEs with shntool

Originally Posted by RainDawg
Yes, just reading through the shntool documentation (I'm sure you'll all done this, right ) reveals that the fix command contains a special switch called -noskip. I've not tried it yet, but this should pad the final track with silence regardless of whether or not there are other SBEs in the set.

So, the code would look like this:

@echo off
%~d1 & cd %*
for %%T in (shn flac wav ape) do if exist *.%%T shntool fix -noskip *.%%T

I've not given it a whirl yet, please let me know how it works on sets with multiple SBEs and on sets with only a SBE on the final track.
I refreshed my memory on this, and the real purpose of the -noskip switch is for when your output format is different from your input format. Since by default shntool only fixes files that actually need it, if you run shntool on say wave files and want flac output you should use the -noskip argument otherwise only the files that are actually fixed will end up as flac, and you will then have to convert the remaining files to flac using another process. This is a waste of time, so -noskip tells shntool to convert every file, not just the ones that need fixing.

What this means is you do not need to use the -noskip argument just because only the last track has an SBE. As I've said before, provided you give shntool at least two files to work on (including the flawed last track) in fix mode, it will fix the sbe on the last track.
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