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Re: Stabilizing Shaky Video

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This is horrible that I am even mentioning this; however, I can think of one way to do this that is probably not practicle for most. In my research we take images of surfaces with a scanning tunneling microscope; basically we get a bunch of atomic resolution pictures. I then use these pictures over a series of time to track diffusion of molecules deposited on the surface. In order to make a nice automated process, the images need to all be of the same area. So, we wrote scripts in MatLab (which is a matrix based programming language/interpreter) to shift and crop the images to the maximum size that is showing the exact same area. This makes the "movie" steady. That being said, this could theoretically be done with frames of a video. It would take a fair amount of programming, and is probably not practical for most people who want to do this. However, it can be done. Haha, so that was probably all worthless, but I thought that I would share anyhow.


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