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Stabilizing Shaky Video

I think there used to be a plug-in for TMPGEnc for this....??

Has anyone ever used any programs to remove/minimize video that suffers from handheld shaking? I'm not talking about portions of the video where the camera is all over the place, just where someone was doing a pretty good job of holding the camera, but was bouncing around some. My understanding is that ways to do this look for common stable spots, then follow those from one frame to another....the minus is that it cuts out the edges of the shot so that if you still want to fill the frame you have to "blow up" the picture suffer from some degredation.
It'd be interesting on opinions from anyone on what they think of this it worth giving up, say, 10% of the picture for video stabilization?

I don't have any projects I'm planning on using this on short term, but I know of a couple tapes I have that I'd consider down the road so feedback would be good.

Advice is appreciated.
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