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Re: Opinions on BitSpirit ??

Originally Posted by Five
yeah, you can view the list of files and set priority. one of the options is "do not download". So you just tell it not to download all of the files except what you want. I had trouble getting this working before, but I did it the other day and it worked great. I enabled pre-allocate space, not sure if this is what made the difference.
I doubt that preallocate space is what caused it to work. I've downloaded single files with Azureus without having to preallocate space.

wazoo, yes the XBT GUI is very bare bones in appearance, but this client actually has more features than you realize once you look inside it. It just doesn't have all the glitter and flash of BitSpirit or Azureus. I've used it and found that for the downloading of audio files such as we get here at TTD it has everything you need except for super-seed mode.

Once super-seed mode gets added, the XBT client will be a force to reckon with. It uses very little memory, btw. I still use Azureus as my main client, but I am keeping a very close eye on XBT because I think it's the only client currently out there that has the potential to give Azureus a run for it's money. I've tried all the major clients at one time or another, TorrentStorm, BitTornado, G3, etc. etc. and the only ones I've left on my computer are BitTornado (v0.3.7), Azureus, and XBT.
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