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Re: Organizing Torrents on The Traders' Den - Suggestion

Originally Posted by chalcedony
Actually, you are misinformed. On Dime, navigation works on several levels at once. You can do individual artist searches in the same way you can on this site, and every torrent (active or dead, your choice) will come up in the search for that particular artist, from multiple musical catagories, all on one list. So you see, it's not at all about pidgeonholing music, defining music, judging music - it's about ease of navigation. Apparently, many people on this site have issues about labeling music. As I said, I'm new here, and I didn't know this idea was hashed out before. It honestly never occurred to me that having seeders decide what catagory their torrents would be listed under was a hot button issue. Sorry if I offended anyone.
Don't worry, no offense taken at all. I can understand you liking that system and wanting it on other sites. Who knows, we may end up doing that here. I just haven't felt the need to do it quite yet. We do allow you to sort just audience, or soundboards, or FM, etc here, which is something DIME doesn't do (nor do they differentiate between Audio and Video). We are using different software on each of the sites and we do what is easiest with that software.
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