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Organizing Torrents on The Traders' Den - Suggestion

I'm new to the Traders' Den, but not new to downloading live, non-copyrighted music via bit torrent. I'm glad to see that this site is expanding in membership, etc., but what is its vision for organizing torrents over the long term? Perhaps I'm missing something, but I can find no way to easily view catagories of past torrents without doing a search for a specific artist, or manually viewing lists and lists of torrents to see if any are of interest to me.

I would highly suggest that a way to catagorize torrents, according to the style of music they contain, be implemented. That way, if a member was interested in "jazz", "classic rock", "heavy metal", "singer-songwriter", "punk", etc., it would be a whole lot faster and easier to get to a torrent of interest. Without mentioning any names, we all know another premier bit torrent site out there (membership capped at 100,000), which organizes torrents according to musical catagories. I have found their method easy to use, and I believe that the Traders' Den could adpot a similar organization of torrents, based on the model used on that site. Some redundant catagories could be eliminated (theirs are extensive), but overall, it makes for much, much easier navigation. At a certain point, when the Traders' Den has been around long enough, the current method of organizing torrents will become unwieldly, and will not serve the members. Why not start organizing torrents by musical catagory right now?
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