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Re: Program To Convert AAC to MP3?

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Stephen, does foobar do AAC? That is Apple's 'mp3' format.
Yes, foobar can playback AAC files, which means it can also one-step convert it to any other format you like. It even offers tagging and a special (pastel blue as I recall) icon for it.

AAC is not indigenous to Apple. iTunes is the most popular implementation of AAC perhaps, but in fact there are several versions of the AAC (actually MPEG layer 4) format. It stands for Advanced Audio Coding. Of course, keeping with the spirit of Apple's need to control their customer base, they use a form of AAC that contains certain copy protection schemes, so if toto is trying to convert files purchased from the iTunes store, he may have difficulty. If it was encoded without DRM, foobar will absolutely be able to work with it. If there is some kind of protection on the file, he may have to search a little deeper and use more...."unofficial" resources to remove it before making the transfer to mp3.

Intestingly enough, this test seems to suggest that Apple's AAC algorithm is the most transparent of the major competitors.

Edit to add: Basically, though, AAC is not Apple's format, Apple is just the first major company to popularize it's use.
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