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Re: .wav Audio only DVD?

The answer is, quite simply, that 44.1 has been earmarked as the "standard". I agree 100% that it would be better for traders to begin circulating 48KHz or higher bitrate files. If this is on DVD or in FLAC format is immaterial. Where I have an issue is that the poster is looking to upconvert and thus alter the audio.

I have an issue with altering the audio more times to fit more applications than is necessary. If there is indeed a way to make an audio DVD and rextract that audio for sharing in such a way that it matches the original checksum value, it's OK with me. If the files are circulated in higher bitrate or samplerate FLAC, then I would hold the same standard to it.

I don't want people altering the audio, then re-altering it back at a later time for trading. If you're going to change the audio on what you're given, it's best to keep it to yourself is all.
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