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Re: Fixing SBEs with shntool

In re-reading these posts I note that bobs did mention way back that he uses CDwave to cut his tracks, so I'm a tad puzzled as to why he brought up the issue of cutting tracks with soundforge.

As for Ninja, I think he's misunderstood the issue. As I read it, bobs wants to cut up the wave file for compression and seeding purposes, not merely to burn an audio CD. If all bobs wanted to do was burn an audio CD then I would agree that cutting wave file first into separate tracks is totally unnecessary. But, again, I don't think that's what he's talking about.

What I think it comes down to is bobs needs a little help using shntool. RainDawg and I are agreed that shntool in fix mode will fix all SBEs in a set of audio files, even if the SBE is only on the very last track. You don't need to use the -pad argument with fix mode as fix mode pads by default.
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