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Re: .wav Audio only DVD?

Yes, LPCM is not lossy. You can "trick" the DVD player into thinking it's playing a video and just include LPCM audio within the MPEG-2 video. This is somewhat of a frustrating fix to do though. The original poster was looking for an easy, accepted way of creating a long CD-style DVD-Audio disc, and as we've shown here, this is just not supported by the technology.

DVD2One is an interesting program which seems to be able to make this forcing simple, but also makes some rather rash claims that will only believed by the ignorant. Upsampling and increasing the resolution does not increase the quality unless the original audio was recorded that way. In fact, and such resampling is going to decrease the sound quality, however if done right it can be relatively imperceptible.

I stand by my original statement that it is best to keep the audio identical and compress to FLAC. I would certainly not accept 44.1KHz PCM @ 16-Bit > 96KHz PCM @ 24-bit > 44.1KHz PCM @ 16-Bit in the lineage of any recording being seeded here, as any resampling is going to cause quality loss in a recording, and making unecessary transtion like this is unacceptible.

It is also, by the definintion of the word, a "lossy" transfer. Check your md5s before and after, and they'll be different.
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