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Re: An all open source or at least free-ware PC?

As a Linux user (on both a PC and an iBook), here are the tools I use (all Open Source). Most of these have been mentioned before, in this thread but they are worth repeating:

Web browser - Firefox
Email client - Thunderbird
WAV editing - Audacity
IMAGE editing - The Gimp
DVD authoring - dvdauthor (
DVD burning - cdrecord-prodvd or growisofs
CD burning - (I don't any more, but cdrdao or cdrecord do the job)
CD ripping - cdparanoia
Spreadsheet - gnumeric
Database - PostgreSQL
Audio Player - XMMS (has SHN/FLAC plugins)
Movie player - mplayer
Simple video editor (cutting and splicing without re-encoding) - ProjectX
Web Server - Apache
C Compiler - gcc

Almost all of the above are available for Windows - cross-platform availability is one very strong advantage of Open Source.

So if you use those tools and are comfortable with them, then a future switch to Linux would be a breeze - you'ld be using exactly the same applications.
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