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Re: Fixing SBEs with shntool

bobs, I don't completely understand your method, and since you are using shntool already you don't need to do it this way, i.e. you don't need to create a 1 sec track at the end.

In -fix mode shntool will automatically pad the last track if it needs it. Just add the 2 sec of silence at the end of the last track the way you like it, then run shntool over each musical set of files in -fix mode and it will fix the last track for you. Shntool takes wildcards, e.g. *.wav

But if you are confident that soundforge is cutting the tracks along sector boundaries and the issue is simply that the last track needs a little padding, then definitely just use -pad mode on the last track. The syntax would be:

shntool pad -postpad -o wav {filename}
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