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Re: .wav Audio only DVD?

Originally Posted by RainDawg
That being said, DVD-Audio is not the same as CD, and therefore this will not work. In fact, to make a DVD-Audio disc, you'll need to encode it to a lossy format, and therefore render it untradeable.
Well, I'm not so sure about that. The audio component of a video DVD, or "DVD-Audio" is not necessarily lossy.

You have some options. First off, the audio on a DVD can be encoded losslessly as PCM, only the sample rate needs to be 48kHz. If you have a 48kHz DAT, or are working from an analog source that you can transfer at 48, then you don't have to make any changes. You can have one long wav file with nominal video content and author a DVD for "listening" in your home DVD player.

You could also make a true DVD audio disc, with only audio content. You have options with sample rates, 48kHz or higher... so again it's best to work from an analog source where you have the choice.

If you are using something shared here, most of which is 44.1kHz for cd burning, you'll need to add all the songs together, convert to 48kHz, and then author into a DVD with a chapter stop for each song. Shouldn't take too long once you get good at it. The only caveat is that you've increased the sample rate from 44.1 to 48 so you have altered things and it's probably best not to trade that since I'll bet someone out there has a true 48kHz source if it was taped or converted to DAT at some point.
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