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Re: .wav Audio only DVD?

Depending on your purpose behind burning audio on a DVD....

If you want to combine your shows on to less discs (DVD's) for the purpose of abandoning your original discs (i.e., trade the original/sell) then RD is's not worth it as either encoding scheme (PCM or DTS) is a lost cause. You're basically converting to mp3....meaning lossy.

If you want to combine for the purpose of travel/convenience/etc...say, you spend the occasional weekend at great aunt Martha's house and she only now got a DVD player because you gave it for Xmas so that's the only way you could listen to music as she doesn't know FLAC....well, there are ways to do it.
You can use a program called BeSweet to convert your wav to a ".ac3" extension....OR ".wav" files that are encoded DTS files. Using some fiddling you can then burn these as an Audio-DVD.

If you don't mind spending some $$$, you can go the easy route however and purchase Audio DVD Creator ( It's actually pretty nice as you can rip whatever audio CD's you want and burn them at different encodes (remember-lossy!) to fit more/less on each DVD.
Two interesting features of the program:
You can convert your tracks to 5.1 DTS (however, don't get the idea that you're going to have the footsteps from "Dark Side" running around your head from a stereo source...) Best I can tell from working with the program it's something of a mirror L and R channels. I have enough "real" surround sound material without messing with the fake stuff so I haven't played with that option much.
It will also burn your mp3's to DVD for playback as an Audio-DVD. Note, before anyone says that's nothing, you might be confusing this with burning mp3's on a CDR and playing them in your DVD far as I know the feature of playing mp3's from a DVDR is not all that common (yet) so think of being able to tote along a couple hundred (maybe thousands?...I haven't counted that high) songs to Aunt Martha's for a weekend Also nice if you're going to a party as you create a "front page" for it where you can select the album(s) you want to play using the remote control.

Wish I could point you to an easy free solution, but that's about the best I can offer. BeSweet can do it, but you'll sweat alot learning the process...and you "can" create you own menu too using the free-way, but again, a long learning curve.
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