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Re: .wav Audio only DVD?

Just dreaming, sorry. First of all, a CD does not play back .wav, but rather a slightly different incarnation of PCM (pulse-code modulated) audio. Your CD player wouldn't know what to do with a .wav file, but CD audio it likes.

That being said, DVD-Audio is not the same as CD, and therefore this will not work. In fact, to make a DVD-Audio disc, you'll need to encode it to a lossy format, and therefore render it untradeable.

I've gone down the road you're going down now before, and came away quite dissapointed myself. Look towards to the future: build yourself some kind of system capable of play FLAC files, either on hard drives or on DVD. An old laptop computer or one of the commercial products on the market are options. This clear up your "discs laying around" problem quite a bit more, and also make sure you're ready when traders finally abandon PCM audio completely in favor of losslessly compressed data files (hopefully soon).
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