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Re: Help in Seeding with Bit Tornado

Originally Posted by Five
if you're getting the files from the dvd, you might to right-click and take off the "read-only" so that they'll work with your client.

is your client showing 100% when you point it to the original version of the show? you can check it with torrentstorm, too

That was it the read only property of the FLAC files. I store all original FLAC/SHN on DVD and did not know until today that they stored as read only.
I shot up from 1% complete to 66%. Now here is another question for you guys. I was able to extract two songs off disc 3, Moby Dick and Heartbreaker.
I went ahead and encoded them into FLAC (level 8) and then stopped the torrent and copied them into the disc 3 folder. However, when I started up again, it didn't take well. It mentioned about a failed hash check but instead of redownloading it simply stopped. So the question I have is why. I'm guessing maybe he encoded them at a different level but since I don't have the info file I don't know what that is. If I have to re D/L these two tracks it is no problem but I just thought I would speed things up if I could encoded them and put them in the folder. Any thoughts?? Once again THANKS for your expertise guys!
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