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Help in Seeding with Bit Tornado

I need some help from the experts. First as I mention above, I use
Bit Tornado.

I ran into something the other day when I tried to burn a copy from the FLAC files of a torrent seeded here, the Led Zeppelin 7/17/73 SBD/AUD matrix show. CD 1 and CD2 were OK, however CD 3 appeared to be corrupted somehow as I could only get the first two tracks (moby dick and heartbreaker) to extract. Whole Lotta Love and The Ocean would not extract whatsoever. My thought was to reopen the torrent and insert all the CD1 and CD2 flac files into the folder and then my thought was...I'd only have to D/L CD 3 and the artwork/info (also corrupted). However in trying this several different ways I always failed, getting an error message "permission denied." It seemed by putting the flac files from my DVD into the folder somehow stopped the torrent. Bottom line, is there a way to accomplish what I was trying to do? My other thought was if I wanted to help seed older shows I have removed from my hard drive onto DVD it would seem I would run into the same problem. Is this just a case of I just have to download the show again?

thanks, Matt
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