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Re: DVD Watermark?

I know that when I had a 27 inch tv I'd grab VCD's from the newsgroups of different content (mostly OOP TV shows) and never really noticed "much" difference. But once I got a big screen tv (53 inch wide) I think I about cried....I mean I "knew" there was a difference, but I never realized until I tried to watch on a big tv.
I'd say about 5-10% of the VCD's look pretty good that spread out. Obviously someone who REALLY knew what they were doing created the small minority that I can watch full screen (and I ain't talkin about dragging it into some program and letting it do the conversion automatically...these are one's where the info file details each point in the process). The rest I play through my computer into the tv so I can resize the picture smaller (probably around a 25-27 inch tv size).
Even SVCD's are noticably blocky at times, although they can get VERY close to some of the older movie quality....and don't even think about DivX unless you're going to ballon the size of the file up close to SVCD size.
Personally I think it's a waste to convert anything to VCD. If you really feel the need to save, at a minimum go with SVCD. Far as I'm concerned, if we're talking about time for someone to download, then if they're on's a waste for them whether VCD or SVCD.

Of course, this is completely off the mark of the original question of watermarking a far as I know about the only way to make it "hidden" is as noted before and place the mark outside of the mormal viewing area. The only other idea would be, if you create your own menus or credits is to either "mispell" a word differently on each copy you create (and of course you'd have to keep a record of who got which mispelled word)....use a slightly different color for a certain word/letter (again, you'd have to keep track of who got what color)...or someplace in the work add some mark to a couple frames that wouldn't normally be seen unless you were going frame by frame over that section. Since you mention during the avi stage I guess it'd have to be during the credit section. All of these involve keeping a record though.
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