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Re: Burning DVD Backups

Glad I could point you to something helpful

I agree, I wish that when I started different phases of my collection that I had had a resource to read through and go "wow, what a great idea!" I'm constantly coming across details like that where I still think...why, oh why didn't I think of that...or why didn't someone tell me years ago.
My most highlighted idiotic idea for my collecting habits? Using MM.DD.YY instead of YYYY.MM.DD. But it's too late for me to go back now until I retire and have time do do it by hand

Hey, what a great idea for a thread...what's the dumbest thing about your music collection?
I guess the second good idea for a thread would be what is the dumbest musical action/event you ever did to stay in good with someone you were dating? I actually went to a Winger concert BLAH! I still feel unclean...

Oops, Five you got a reply in before I knew it.
I use par2 files all the time with stuff I download from the newsgroups. It's "the bomb" I've used it before to pull stuff from discs too. What kind of info do you need?
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