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Re: Burning DVD Backups

Originally Posted by Five
This sounds very useful! How can I learn how to do this?
Hey Five Guess you're talking about BttB? Doh! Guess it would help if I posted a link to it...

Burn To The Brim =

When you first install it there isn't a setting for DVD (or at least wasn't when I last downloaded). I forget where I found these settings (or maybe I came up with them...don't remember). Just click "Add" to create a new size setting. The "Allowed" waste size is how much wag you want to allow the program to come up with possible fits "as close to what you want"....meaning in my case 50 megs...this will at least let you see what you could burn that will be a bit outside of your parameters...then it's your choice to burn those or not. The program will then list these combos as 99% compliant with your settings.
Probably sounds a bit confusing from the way I'm describing it but it's actually very much a "set and forget" program. Usually only takes seconds to come up with combos.
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