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Re: EAC and single waveforms


EAC can copy an "Image" of the CD. You will see in EAC that there are 4 icons along the left. The third from the bottom is "IMG".

1.Put disc in
2.Hit IMG
3.EAC will copy the entire disc with a CUE sheet to your HD.
4.When complete, use EAC to "Process WAV" (under the Tools tab)
5.Click on the file (usually called "CDImage")
6.The file will load.
7.When complete "Load the CUE sheet"
8.You will see lines on the wav representing track breaks.
9.Use the open window to delete and add new tracks breaks.
10.Be sure to save the "new" CUE sheet (as the same name; "CDImage.cue")
11.Burn the disc with EAC using the WRI feature (along the left)
12.Use the File tab to "Load CUE sheet"
13.Write disc

PM me if you need more clarification.

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