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EAC and single waveforms


can someone address the following for me?

1 - I have a show that I downloaded in .flac form, and I don't like the how the tracks are split, each song begins with all the banter at the beginning of the file, and I want to retrack it. ****I will keep the original download for trading purposes.**** but how can I join all those together? I have and use cdwav for splitting the wav file.

2 - Can EAC rip a cd in secure mode to a single waveform? If not, what is the preferred (acceptable) method for ripping, joining and retracking? This would be for a few cds that I have that I am interested in sharing, but again am not happy with how folks have tracked.

3 - Is using SoundForge to extract audio from a cd to a single waveform (and then edit) acceptable under any trading circumstances?


and for anyone interested, the link from raindawgs homepage that explains how to configure your drive for EAC was one of the most helpful and enlightening things I have read, it made sense of things I was doing, but didn't know why I was doing them. Thanks!

here is the link, follow the links on this page to the Coaster factory's EAC config:
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