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Re: DVD Watermark?

Originally Posted by feralicious
And also, shouldhn't the placement of the marks be noted in the txt file (assuming people are trading DVDs in the best way possible, with txt, any artwork and md5s included)? Isn't the purpose for everyone to know and not just the creator of the DVD? Would noting the position of them cause the person doing the down-conversion to fix it if they knew it was there or would they really bother with it?

You definitely wouldn't want to put that info in the txt file. If you note the frame number that has the watermark anyone could simply go and remove that frame or alter it. That would defeat the purpose of a watermark if people knew how to remove it.

also plasma burn in is a huge problem, if you have a plasma set and dont know about it go google it cause its easy to wreck your tv

those black dots on theater prints used to be horribly annoying red dots, which are diff from the "cigarette burns" when the reels change
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