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Re: DVD Watermark?

Originally Posted by feralicious
You know that's what the studios do now, they put black dots across various frames so they can track down what theaters pirating took place in.
Are you sure you're not referring to the changeover cue marks that are put on the film to tell the projectionist when to flip from one projector (reel) to another? This is a small black circle (or oval if the film is shown out of proportion) that flashes in the top right corner of the film every ~20 minutes or so. As far as I know (and I did some refresh research on the net before posting here) the watermarking used by studios for pirated movies is unobservable to the eye,...and serialized so they can trace a copy back to the source. And they may use a "Property Of/Do Not Duplicate" scroller. A couple of black dots would be way to easy for someone to edit out of a pirated copy.

What really p*sses me off is when I see them on a DVD release of a movie...which tells me that the studio didn't give a rats behind about the quality of the film when they transferred it, as they should've been removed.
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