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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

I've been looking at Foobar, really considering it. I need to learn more about php scripting, but I believe it should be my next step.
As far as antiviirus and defrag, I do, regularly, but I also don't see why it should be an issue on a comp that I just completely rebuilt from the ground up. The only things still extant from the old system are drives, and they c and d drives were both scoured before I did a clean install of a full version of xp home followed immediately by an upgrade to xp pro. (I have in the last few weeks realized that what I really need to do is learn and utilize some form of Linux distro, but for now, I need something that recognizes both my soundcard and my media drive at the same time, without a deep approri knowledge of bash) blah blah blah

please help me make microsoft not suck
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