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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by Forbin117
Azureus is actually quitting. I <u>think</u> I noticed that it happens primarily when I have winamp open, playing files resident on the same drive as I'm saving to. Not positive about that yet though. More observation needed. I had been told by someone on the azureus support IRC channel that I needed a 64 bit version of java, because I have a 64 bit processor. I looked, but could not find one that said specifically that it was for an AMD Athlon. Plenty for an Opteron, however. I am still running 32 bit windows on the newly upgraded processor though. Sun never responded to an email inquiry. Any suggestions.

And thanks for the tip on reseeding, I will try to do that in the future. I need to alter the way in which I archive, store and play files to accommodate not polluting the trade pool anyway.

Thanks again,
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If you're running 32-bit Windows, I'm pretty certain you do not want to run a 64-bit program. One, I don't think a 64-bit program will run on a 32-bit OS. Two, if it does run, it might mess up your system.

What Azureus version are you running? If it's a beta, maybe switch to a stable version. Also, are you using the newest Java Runtime Environment for your platform?
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