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Re: DVD Watermark?

Originally Posted by fistula
I see what your goal is and it definitely makes sense. The prob with watermarking is it is obtrusive and also for people with projection or plasma, stagnant images are to be avoided.

id say the best thing to do is throw a few frames in that are watermarked and keep track of it on your end what frame #s you watermarked. maybe just a small dot somewhere on the screen so the normal viewer wont notice it. thats what iw ould do
What's the deal with stagnant images on plasma?

And also, shouldhn't the placement of the marks be noted in the txt file (assuming people are trading DVDs in the best way possible, with txt, any artwork and md5s included)? Isn't the purpose for everyone to know and not just the creator of the DVD? Would noting the position of them cause the person doing the down-conversion to fix it if they knew it was there or would they really bother with it?

You know that's what the studios do now, they put black dots across various frames so they can track down what theaters pirating took place in. I find them annoying. But they really stand out to me since part of my job was making sure the film was clean for screenings so when I see black dots go by it makes me think there's some major grease pencil residue on there. They're not too subtle about it.
But if you did something far more discreet than what they do I think it would be fine.
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