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Re: Good Audio Editors for the Mac?

Originally Posted by h_vargas
ummm, i may be way off base here and please excuse me if i am. but isn't ProTools supposed to be an excellent audio application on Macs?
No, I think you are right on with this. ProTools is a real top drawer app, but is on the pricey side--I think it's around $1k.

I have a large collection of 60s and 70s AUD recordings and some of them benefit from careful noise reduction and EQ (for personal comsumption only, I should add--I prefer to trade the originals so that people can do with them what they want). The NR algorithms on Amadeus for example, aren't as sophisticated as some of the higher end ones, and can't deal with the noise as well as say RayGun Pro from Arboretum.

Another set of apps I am looking into are the ones from Bias ( If anybody has used the Bias apps (eg. SoundSoap, SoundSoap Pro, Peak, Peak LE) I'd be interested to hear what they have to say about them. These are still expensive but not quite in the ProTools category.

Thanks for the comments.
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