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Re: Burning audio problems

Thanks guys, here's the latest info I have on it

"I'm having a problem with burning discs at the moment and can't really work out why.
On the occasional disc I get a whirring clicking noise over the top of the music.Its not continuous and happens mainly towards the end of the disc.As far as I know ,no other programs are running in the background and I set the burn speed to as low as it can go - 12x .
The system I'm running is an Athlone XP2700+,Wiindows XP Home and EasyCd Creator 5.0 Platinum.The burner in question is an Atapi CD-RW 48/16/48x.
If anyone could give me some advice (before I do the Rock thing and throw it out the window !!) I would be very grateful.
Thanks for reading"

Not sure on the media yet and I'm going to suggest all of the above answers.
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