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Re: Strange spectral view

Originally Posted by irishcrazy2005
All I can find on the internet is that it is from 12/18/1999 in Duesseldorf, Germany at the Philipshalle. There is also this lineage listed website: satellite TV > Sony MZ-R30 MD master > CDR > CDR.
Might very well be your source, it looks MD-ish as well.

I have two different lossless copies of that show actually, one recorded myself (analog cable iirc) and one from a digital satellite rebroadcast.

Might be clever to compare the recordings we have and see which one is the best before seeding any of them..

Originally Posted by ffooky
Satellite TV means it'll be MP2 before it hits the minidisc...doubly lossy and unnecessarily bloated in size. Whether decent bitrate MP2 broadcast is superior/inferior to FM is debatable but an additional lossy stage has got to be bad.
No, not necessarily MP2.
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