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Help With Decerning Lossy Lineage (pics included)

These look lossy sourced to me, if you guys could give me a final say on it that would be great. The thing that bothers me the most about this is that i received these SHN's through a mail trade with a member of this board.

Plot Spectrum for first track tested:

Freq Analysis for first track tested:

Plot Spectrum for second track tested:

Freq Analysis for second track tested:

Also on the first track i messed with one of the choices for freq analysis and i got this (i assume it doesn't mean anything)

I ran the md5's and they all checked out fine, also i checked for SBE's and there were none (which doesn't have anything to do with the lossy source really) Also here is the text file i received with the shn's:

David Coverdale & Jimmy Page
"Live In Japan" (GR-0396A/B)
December 15, 1993
Budokan Hall - Tokyo, Japan

Silver CD> wav(viaEAC)> shn(via mkw ACT)

*No full track reposts by me*

NOTE: There is a mildly distracting "crackle" throughout louder sections of the recording.
Mostly this occurs during vocal passages. Other than that, it's a very good audience recording.

Disc 1
1.Absolution Blues
2.Slide It In
3.Rock And Roll
4.Guitar Solo/Over Now
6.Pride And Joy
7.Take A Look At Yourself
8.Take Me For A Little While
9.In My Time Of Dying

Disc 2
1.Here I Go Again
2.White Summer/Black Mountain Side
3.Leave Me This Way
4.Shake My Tree
5.Still Of The Night
6.Black Dog
7.The Ocean/Feeling Hot

Ripped, encoded and posted by blues4ever.
Dustin Hoffman - Straight Time (1978)

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