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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

Originally Posted by TheEnforcer3
He's just expressing his opinion and he's entitled to do that. The business in PM's between him and Freezer are none of our concern unless they choose to make it ours. If Freezer says that he never circulated a 1st Gen then I tend to believe him, after all he is the taper and would know better than anyone else. It's a definite possibility that Spider was lied to. We all know the Zep community can be seedy at times

Enforcer: yes, he is the taper, and the Taper can say what ever he wants and it's tough to disprove. Although I've never taped Zeppelin, I taped many acts in the 80's and early 90's on a Sony WM-D6C analog deck. I have at one point or another traded most of of masters out to people when I was heavily into mail trading. Now, if someone were to torrent a show I taped saying it was a 1st gen, I could easily go batty and say that I never dubbed anything from my masters and that the lineage is false If I chose. No matter what the person said, some people would believe me. It's all a game to Freezer, and becuase he taped some classic shows back in the day, he thinks he's entitled to something. Power.

It's an easy out for him. He realizes that people want Zep shows from the master sources, and he's got one. So why not say "I've never yada yada yada..." It makes him (in his mind) look all that more important. He has already admitted that he did make a 1st gen for at least one person, but he says the person is now dead. How convenient. And who's to say that people didn't get a copy from that guy?

There is NO WAY he can prove that all copies in circulation are "generation unknown". There is NO WAY he can prove anything. But, there is NO WAY I can prove anything either.

From this guy's track record and his thirst for control over a tape, I don't see how anyone can believe him.

Who really cares anyway? I'm upset that I ever ran into this guy. If he were helpful, that would be great. He's not.

Some people may worship him becuase he hit a record button while Led Zep was playing a live gig. I'm not one of them.

Maybe one day he will grow a pair and get the best possible version out there from his master. That's the real way to get some appreciation. Share.