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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

I have more of an issue with people on DIME who grab a recording within a day, screw with it on their computer, and reseed as THEIR remastered version. That's about them wanting glorification, not the music.
How do you know the purpose and intent of anyone who remasters a recording? As far as I know, people remaster recordings in an attempt to make them sound better! If you don't think the remaster is better than don't download it. There's no need to go on a tirade trying to bad remasters like a whiny little girl who just got here lollypop taken from her. Stop complaining about free music. Try "listening" to the recordings you're condemning before you start spurting your mouth...

I've been taping and trading for over 20 years, I've taped over 200 shows, have over 1000 DAT tapes, and over 3000 analog tapes. (Yes, I've been obsessed with the live music experience for most of my life - and thank god my wife puts up with an attic full of tape).
Who did you say is looking for glorification? Enough said...