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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Guys, cool it, or rather take it to PMs. This is NOT a thread about hoarding shows or about the lineage of a particular show. Read the first post in the thread and get back on topic, please.
Lynne, I was on topic the entire time.

This thread is about keeping the trade pool clean, that what we were talking about.

If someone suggest that all recordings with "Unknown analog lineage" be banned, then it's important to know that many older recording do not have correct lineage.

I pointed one out, the only one I know positively about.

Re-read the thread....we were entirely on topic.

How can someone post any version of that particular LZ show without giving the ONLY correct lineage in circulation......"UNKNOWN GENERATION". Otherwise the lineage is bogus, fake, fraudulent....and that is the same as "Unknown analog lineage" -- now isn't it?

That ties is perfectly with the first post in this thread.

Now, if you don't want to open that can of worms---that someone would purposefully falsify lineage in order to get a show posted on a torrent site that adheres to that sort of strict rules.

But that also falls in line with the topic.

But, hey, you and I both know that a cdr copy of a boot of that 2/28/75 Led Zep show was posted here and was up for a few days before being pulled....and there's still a torrent of one of the boots of 2/28/75 available at DaD. (Oh, but there couldn't be, because someone just accused me of hoarding that show.....while he's listening to that same tape. Amazing, ain't it?)

Well, I'll be good Ms Lynne, but for the life of me, I thought I was on topic the entire time......