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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

Originally Posted by Spider_Web
Why won't you circulate a torrent from your master? I'll lay 100-1 odds that you will not answer this simple question.
You lose.....I already sent you a private message with that answer.

You first, pal. You want answers, you need to answer a question yourself.

You offered to tell in private where you got this bogus low gen 2/28/75 show from, but when I PM'ed reneged on your word.

You want an answer, you need to answer that question first.

Maybe I'll say the odds of you owning up ate way greater than 100-1.....

Let's see you stand up like a man first, and honor your word.

You will honor your word before any demanding answers, right, Spider_Web?

Originally Posted by Spider_Web
I like sharing.
Then go ahead and share the information you ALREADY offered to share. What's stopping you?????

You like hoarding and protecting a music recording.
Now this is the stupidest comeback I've ever seen..... How in the hell am I hoarding a recording you already claim to have?

You intend on polluting the gene pool too?

Seriously, you really didn't think that comeback through before you hit send?

How am I hoarding something you claim to have? And if you are intent on claiming a 1G>DAT>DAT....even though you know the lineage to be bogus, how am I hoarding something you claim is "low-gen"....

Are you serious?

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