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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

C'mon neglected to say that you reneged on your offer to discuss this in private. You offered to name your source, but you went back on your word....

What's the deal?

Why would you NOT want to tell me who passed on the bogus lineage on to you, especially since you repeatedly offered as much in public in this thread.

Let's set your friend straight. You don't want to pollute the trade pool, hmmmm? Well, then, you need to tell the truth....

C'mon, you also seem like a decent fellow, don't you want to step up and honor your words....if you truly believe that the trading pool should not be polluted, then you'll admit in this public thread that you had incorrect lineage on 2/28/75 and you are now aware of the only correct lineage.

Step up and act a man, go on and admit what you know to be the truth: your lineage on 2/28/75 was incorrect and you know now that the only correct lineage is "unknown generation".

If you want, I'll even help you correct your friend.

You don't want him polluting the trade he did to you. He's gonna thank you for setting him straight. You would want him to tell you, wouldn't you?

Step up. Go on and be a man and tell the truth......

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