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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

I have no desire to seed my 2/28. It's a no win situation. If I do, Freezer will cry bloody murder and say my generation is false.

We will never know if he truly never circulated 1st gen copies, or if he is just saying that now. I think he's full of shit.

He's not the first person to claim that they "never used their master" or "made multiple dubs" or "purposely sabotaged" a show. Easy to say now. And because he taped the show, no one will ever know what he really did. A guy who taped some Black Crowes 1996 shows on analog tried this with me when I torrented his versions on Etree. He knows I have DAT dubs from his master. For 10 years that was what I had. But becuase he is such a controlling person now, he screams to the community that he "told" me 10 years ago it was from the master but he really used a 1st gen for my DAT, a safety copy from the master. All basically becuase I torrented it.

Pretty sad. If you need a tape to make you feel important, you've missed the boat.

Plus if the master still exists, I'd just as soon wait for Freezer to circulate a version culled from his analog masters. If he is so concerned with other versions, why doesn't he make all other versions obsolete and circulate his master?

The real question is that. Why not Freezer? Is your whoobie that important? It's just a tape. This is a place to share, not hoard.

Thanks to Freezer for being visionary enough to tape and achive good sound back in the 70's.

No thanks to Freezer for playing games. I'm getting to old for this shit.

Maybe a SBD of 2/28 will surface. Problem solved!

In the meantime, I'll listen to my 1st gen 2/28 (which Freezer will claim is an unknown gen) - it's pretty damn good. And if you have been collecting/taping/trading for 20 years, you can tell if a tape sounds like a 1st gen. Mine sure does. But in the end, it's one friggin' show!

A few people have PM'd me saying, "that was an interesting thread you started, too bad Freezer jumped in, before you know it, the thread will be off topic and all about him". Boy, were you folks right! LOL