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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!


I called nobody down like a dog. I asked some questions in a civil manner and got civil answers.

I saw where this could go in the first posting.

The first post in this thread stated the opinion that unknown generational recordings should be banned...

Now I asked a question about lineage on one show, just one specific show......because its the one singular solitary show I am positive that circulates with false lineage.

Jameskg, even you know LZ 2/28/75 is circulating with bogus lineage....and only available as "generation -UNKNOWN". And that is the truth....and that is NO bullshit.

Originally Posted by jameskg
Does all that negative karma have to reinfect TTD now?
No, of course not, but do we want to infect the trade pool with false lineage?

Jameskg, you and I will just have to disagree on this one. If the lineage is BS, I call BS. And since I taped the show and know what gen was 'given' out way back then, I am the only person who knows the correct lineage.

And look at the reply I got.....the lineage quoted is totally incorrect....and you know that, jameskg.

So do we ban Spider_Web's version of Led Zeppelin 2/28/75 or not?

The lineage on his version can't be proven nor verified.

The taper says his lineage is incorrect....Is his version still fair game -- even though technically it is sourced from an audio cassette of "unknown generation"?

Maybe that's why TTD's rules insist on no cd-r rips of silver bootlegs.

For all we know, Spider_Web's version of 2/28/75 might just be nothing more than a tape of one of the bootlegs. It certainly cannot be verified as anything more than just "unknown generation".

There is a concentrated effort here at TTD not to pollute the trade pool. That's where I thought this discussion was headed. Instead you ask about negative karma? Tch, tch... Lets just agree to disagree, jameskg, OK?

Originally Posted by Spider_Web
Anyway, if anybody including Freezer is interested in who I have dealt with over the last 20 years in regards to my Led Zep collection, PM me. I don't claim to have "the best"; but my collection is legit as far and lineage and...., etc....

I don't bullshit and I don't lie.

I did not say you lied, didn't even allude to that hypothesis.

I said were given incorrect information. How you wish to deal with the correct information in absolutely tantamount to your original opinion that unknown generation audio tapes be banned.

Spider_Web, you are correct that I did circulate that recording YEARS ago, but for you to assume that you got if from the person I gave that copy to is where you are incorrect....and your lineage is still wrong....PM me and we'll discuss this.

Yes, I have the master, and as well I should; I recorded it. And it's NEVER been out of my hands.

Oh, yes.....You want to discuss this show in private, I would love to know who passed on that lineage to you. Please PM me and let me and let me know about your version of LZ 2/28/75........

Originally Posted by Spider_Web
Well, then you are calling some serious Led Zep collectors liars.
No, you, my friend, look at this in a different fashion than I do.....I see some "serious Led Zep collectors" as infecting the trade pool by spreading false lineage, and I'm trying to set it straight about only this one particular show.

Let's not call your friends a pack of liars, nobody needs to go there, but, hey let's see if maybe they'd like someone to correct their mistake.

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