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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

Originally Posted by freezer
Your lineage ABSOLUTELY is dead wrong.......Whoever you got it from didn't tell you the truth......


It's available only as "Unverified generation" ........
Well, then you are calling some serious Led Zep collectors liars. PM me and I'll tell you who I got it from. I don't play games. If you have the master, great. But you have circulated the show, so how do you know I don't have it from a person that you gave it to? I've been doing this shit far to long to start playing games with a 70's taper who wants to retain lineage control of his recordings. If you have the master, congrats, and you seeding it from the master would be a lineage upgrade for all. If not, that's your choice, but don't start trying to disprove my credibility.

All I will say publically is that I've had multiple copies of the 2/28/75 dating back for years. The first gen to DAT I got was an upgrade to all my previous versions, and sounds great. The collector I got it from is well-known by all hardcore Zep collectors, is a great guy, does not lie, and has been trading with me for 15 years. And I'm happy with my 1st gen.

I have NOTHING to hide. 20 years of tracking this stuff. And I'm here to play nice. If you want to know who I got it from, PM me. If not, then you say your story and I'll stick with mine.

If you want to attempt to retain control of all lineage to this show, have fun. I don't play petty bullshit. It's just music. And when I seed stuff it's the good shit. The real shit.