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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

Lynne: I understand your thoughts on the remasters, hopefully the people here at TTD do mark things as such. I have more of an issue with people on DIME who grab a recording within a day, screw with it on their computer, and reseed as THEIR remastered version. That's about them wanting glorification, not the music. Next thing you know, you have 5 "remasters" by 5 people floating around.

I also understand that back in the 70's, 80's, 90's (and sadly even now), people haven't always kept track of their analog cassette generations. I've been taping and trading for over 20 years, I've taped over 200 shows, have over 1000 DAT tapes, and over 3000 analog tapes. (Yes, I've been obsessed with the live music experience for most of my life - and thank god my wife puts up with an attic full of tape). Anyway, I was fortunate enough to make some great contacts back in the days of mail trading, and I was able to keep track of the generations for most of my shows. Obviously, there were cases where someoene had a show that I wanted but didn't know the generation. It's more about communicating to people that the SOURCE of the recording is important. If forced to choose, I'd rather take a Jimi Hendrix audience tape that was taken directly from the master and converted to MP3 than the same tape taken from an unknown analog generation and converted to FLAC. I suppose the choice is up to the downloader, and as long as it's labled as "C?" (cassette generation unknown), people know what they could be in for.

My purist side gets the best of me sometimes.

Anyway, keep up the good work here. Slowly but surely I'm gonna convert the cream of my collection to FLAC, and seed things here on TTD. Especially some Zeppelin stuff from master tape sources. Culling stuff from master sources makes the "silver" cds not so interesting!