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Re: Ban Unknown Analog Lineage and Remasters!

While I do agree with a lot of what you wrote, I do have these comments:

Remasters - we do ask that people label these as such and we do like to get remastering notes. Usually these are remasters of things that had been previously torrented and so the 'raw' version is already out there and available. I have a couple of remastered shows that I actually prefer over the original, but they are done by people that are 'known' for their remastering abilities. I also have some shows that I prefer the 'raw' mix and not the remastered version. I have never tried my hand at remastering and never will, so I'm glad I do have those few remastered versions I obtained. But, as I said, I *know* they are remastered and I would never trade them as anything else (if I were still trading). Back when I was trading, I actually had some people ask for the raw source over the remastered source, so that's what they got. Anyway, what I'm really trying to say is that I don't have a problem with remastered stuff as long as it's labeled as remastered.

Unknown cassette lineage - I'm a bit iffy on this. I think it's great if someone actually does know the generation on a cassette, however we are usually talking about shows from the 70s and 80s here and most people just didn't know or keep track of that back then (most, not all). So, if someone has some cassette stashed away in storage and they decide to transfer it and torrent it, we have allowed it.

Silver CDs - yes, we know that the bootleggers are just out to make money and so they press whatever generation of the recording they finally manage to get their hands on. We have pulled shows torrented from a Silver CD for being lossy. We always (whenever we notice or it's brought to our attention) pull shows if it is any generation removed from the Silver. If you have a show you want to torrent from a Silver CD, it must be from the actual Silver CD. We have pulled many shows from having a CDR in the lineage after the Silver CD. We don't disallow Silver CDs however because their actually are some tapers who tape to sell to the bootleggers. So, we do want to liberate those.

Those are my immediate thoughts on this. I'll post if I have most to add after rereading your post when I have more time.
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