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Re: Weird playback problem

Wow, crazy crazy stuff. Revision (read "crammed learning") is going quite well so I'll allow myself a quick reply.

Firstly, thanks a load for putting so much time into it. Hopefully it's safe to assume you did actually find it interesting/enjoyable to some extent in a "WHYY???? " way and that it wasn't just a chore. I was listening to a show today that I think you'd be interested in - needs a bit of work to sort it out for seeding but I'll try to do that after exams as a thanks. Oh and don't feel picked on - I'm gonna give Lynne what I think is a weird port/IP problem when I get the chance too

The proof of phase reversal is at least something, and offers a shade more insight into what's happening, so that's a good spot. Samples were recorded "as you hear" so it's definitely a hardware problem not a physical one. I'm increasingly thinking it must be drivers. Gonna try to install newer versions when I get time just to see if that helps at all. Something I thought of earlier is to track down TotalRecorder and record some pre-soundcard samples, see if they demonstrate the effects. But on the whole I'm pretty much resigned to getting a new card for playback and just keeping this one for line recording.

Y'know what the weirdest thing is though? The thing's paranoid that we're talking about it. MP3 playback is jumping around ALL over the place today, even after a restart!! Loaded the machine up this morning and playback was crazy so I restarted. It was still bad so I stuck to CDs on my hifi, then I'm trying some MP3s again now and it's still nuts. No idea what's going on, very very odd, and it seems not even the mighty technobabble section will solve it!

Ah well, been an eye-opener of an investigation anyway!
Thanks again for your help Five, I'll keep you informed of any progress at all.
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