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Re: Pitch correction

i've done that procedure about a dozen times or so, using CEP/Audition, with excellent results. your approach sounds fine, i think. when i've done it, i always tried to find a good recording of band 'X' from the same tour (preferably a show with a date close to the one you're editing). this helps a good bit for side-by-side listening comparison.

oh, here's two tips that i think are quite useful:

1) while doing the trial and error for adjusting the tempo/pitch, only select a small portion of audio (approximately 1 - 2 minutes is good). it's just a time saver, really, as you obviously don't want to spend the time/CPU processing on an entire show before you find the "magic number" to adjust it by,.

2) use the Highest Quality setting in CEP's "Time/Pitch" correction, and use the "Resample - Preserves neither tempo nor pitch" option. from all of the tapes i've listened to that played way too fast or way too slow, when you simply try to adjust *only* the pitch or *only* the tempo, the result doesn't sound good/natural. when you use the "Resample" option in CEP's Time/Pitch plugin, the result is much more natural-sounding. besides, it's common sense that when a tape/recording is sped up, the pitch goes up a la Alvin and the Chipmunks, and vice versa... so wouldn't the process of fixing the problem be to essentially "slow the tape down" (if it plays too fast) in a way such that the pitch shifts accordingly as well?

a lot of trial and error is what it does come down to. as i said, i've done this type of processing several times. hope this info is of some help.
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