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Re: Weird playback problem

OK gonna drag this back up as I spent a bit of time playing around this morning:

All the 3D etc advanced options are off.

It's definitely not a physical output / wiring problem because it's definitely occuring before that stage as if I set up recording software to record soundcard output, playback problems are recorded - gonna sort out some samples later as I had a slight twist on the problem this morning.

Had a quick look at the RAM monitor and I have at least half my RAM and PF free, and nearly all of my VM free, so I don't think it's that. And whether the problem occurred or not was independant of the current RAM level.

Tried switching from wave out to direct sound and the first thing I played back was a big chunk of mono so that's not the problem either.

This of course leaves the option of another soundcard, which is actually quite sensible, as long as I'm correct in thinking you can run two soundcards at once yes? I'd want to keep this Genius one for line-in recording because of the low noise floor, then use something else for general playback. The hifi I playback through has two line-ins, so I could connect both soundcards to it and it wouldn't be a problem when I want to directly listen to what I'm line-recording.

Thanks for all the feedback so far anyway - shame I've had to dismiss most of it!
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