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Re: DVD Media

If you go to and navigate over to DVD Writers, on the lefthand side of the page, then search for your burner, you can look up comments on it and you'll find a lot of info on other users experiences with the burner and what type of media works well, or not, with that particular burner. Or just go to DVD Media and look at comments on the media.

Also, you can download a couple free programs that will identify who manufactured your media. DVD Identifier or DVD Info will do it. Sorry, I don't have links but you can probably google them. I think they do CDs too. Good for finding out that your Fuji's are really Riteks or whatever. Also that's good for when you trade to make sure you are getting what was promised if you feel the need to check.

Regarding Riteks, I always thought they were considered lesser quality, but seems that may be incorrect?

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